Select your technical issue from below

1- STB Blocked
2- Only Black Screen Showing
1- STB Blocked

If you have the msg showing on the screen STB blocked, contact the provider, click the button below to unlock it

2- Only Black Screen Showing

Usually it is internet connection or because you are not closing the IPTV app correctly.

to close the app correctly, press and hold (Back) button then select exit.

to solve this issue please click below to fix it:

Important Note: New update was released

if you see the below screen on your TV, that means your device needs an update, the update will add canadian channels, and series section to your device. to do this update, follow the instructions below:

Please do the following to get the update

  • Go to the main screen
  • Select settings
  • Click (APPS)
  • Click IPTV
  • Click (Clear Cache)
  • Confirm to clear cache
  • Take the power off and plug it back